Gianni Paci’s new EP I Tried To Right My Wrongs, But I Made A Left will be released on November 17. Gianni’s third EP, not counting two full length albums released under an old pseudonym, it’s a tight sounding record.

The Fountain caught up with Gianni Paci about his new record, his gig with The Butthole Surfers in Glasgow and what more we can look forward to from this musician.

TF: You must be ecstatic about the release of your new EP?

Yes, I am certainly excited about the new record. I Tried To Right My Wrongs, But I Made A Left is an important turn in my discography and I am looking forward to seeing how it is received. This was quite a rush of music and creative energy, with the accompanying music videos and all, so I feel that there is a good chunk of material here for listeners to latch on to and interpret in their own ways. The story that this record tells is quite meaningful to me.

TF: And to record it in Oyster Bay, New York – did you find that the city influenced the record?

Absolutely. I had total freedom in recording these songs, as the entire process was vertically integrated. For the longest time, I had been wanting to put out records where I was playing all of the instruments, so this release is quite a leap for me as far as that goes. Working on all of this in Oyster Bay was very conducive to my creative process, and I think it shows here. There’s something about the stillness of surroundings that incites the imagination.

TF: And it’s your third record – how does it compare with the other two, how would you describe this one?

In the context of the first and second solo releases, I Tried To Right My Wrongs, But I Made A Left is the most undone. It kind of has this cassette deck vibe, which I love. It’s a more intimate listening experience in the sense that the veil between the inspiration and the creation the inspiration spawned is so thin, it’s almost non-existent. In other words, there’s a true sense of urgency in the visceral nature of these recordings. It’s like being in the eye of the hurricane instead of watching from the fallout shelter.

TF: What more can we expect from you in the near future – a full length LP?

Absolutely…there is so much more music to come. I’ve written one hundred songs in the last year alone.

TF: You played with punk band The Butthole Surfers a while back in Glasgow – are we likely to be seeing you play Glasgow again soon?

I had the time of my life performing with The Butthole Surfers in Glasgow. They are an amazing band and a true influence on me. Gibby [lead singer of the group] has a portrait I drew of him hanging in his home studio, and I’ve got a megaphone that he signed for me from that tour hanging in mine. I’ve also had the privilege of having a song dedication…you can find that track on their 2008 release, Live At The London Forum. As fate should have it, I am certain I will be performing there again soon.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Jay

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