DJ Format and Abdominal just can’t stay away from touring the UK! After another incredibly successful tour earlier this year, the infamous hip hop duo head out once again to showcase their very first full-length album together, Still Hungry. Today they take themselves to Drygate, Glasgow, on November 4th.

The duo spoke with The Fountain about their favourite gig, the inspiration behind their aliases and the thought process behind their remixes.

TF: Are you excited about playing Glasgow? 

DJF: Yes! We weren’t originally going to play in Glasgow so soon after our previous UK tour because we wanted to concentrate on smaller towns we didn’t play before. But due to an outcry from enthusiastic Glaswegians on our respective Facebook pages we had no choice but to come back.

TF: What’s been your favourite gig of the tour to date? 

ABS: Well, the tour is still in the early stages, so hard to have a true favourite already, but the show we did last night in Lincoln was great. It was at a sweet little venue called The Strait and Narrow, where we’ve played before, and we always look forward to going back. It’s a cozy little pub, with a fantastic drink menu, so the gigs always feel like performing in someone’s living room in front of a bunch of friends.

TF: What music did you grow up listening to, formulating your taste and interest in music? 

DJF: I grew up listening to whatever was on the radio, like most kids, until I discovered hip hop in the early-mid ’80s. After that I developed more of a taste for jazz, soul & funk through searching for different music to sample.

ABS: I grew up heavily into skateboarding, so music always played a big role in that community, and we tended to listen to an even mix of punk and hip-hop…anything high energy really!

TF: What inspired your aliases DJ Format & Abdominal? 

DJF: My name is Mat J Ford so an old friend switched the letters around to make DJ Format when he was designing a cover for one of my mixtapes back in the early ’90s.

ABS: A random girl in the crowd at one of my first gigs yelled out “nice abs” when I lifted my shirt to wipe the sweat off my face. My friends teased me about it afterwards and the name just kinda stuck.

TF: How did you choose the remixers for Still Hungry – The Remixes? Are you excited about playing Glasgow?

ABS: The one for Dirt is with my live band The Obliques, so that was easy enough for me to coordinate. Still Hungry, the title track, was reworked by a talented pal of mine, Henkel, from my hometown of Toronto. And the one for We’re Back, by UK legend DJ Supreme, was actually part of a trade, as Format and myself both contributed to a track he’s releasing on his upcoming EP. The rest of them though, came about thanks to our hard-working agent Agent Gainsborough, who called in some favours from some talented producer friends!

The eight-track remix album was released on AAF Records and available from on a Pay What You Feel basis.