Over three years in writing and recording, the debut album from Aberdeen five piece The Deportees is almost ready for release.

Intended to channel a sense of place, The Birth of Industry is heavily influenced by the North East of Scotland, as it evokes images of pastoral beauty fused with stark industrial landscapes. The Fountain spoke with the band about Aberdeen’s music scene as well the notion behind their name.

TF: You excited about the release of your debut album?

Hugely. This has become something of a labour of love. We first went into the studio three years ago and it’s great to finally have the finish line in sight.

TF: And you are supporting that with a launch party in your home town of Aberdeen, what’s been your favourite gig to date?

I think recently, we played a gig in Drummonds ABZ, which was our first gig back in a year or so – just us getting back on the horse. There’s a lot of nerves coming back after hiding yourself away from the audience, but the gig was brilliant. We had a blast and it was great to have a positive reaction from the crowd.

TF: What music did you grow up listening to, formulating your taste and interest in music?

With the five of us, I think we were all exposed to a lot of different things but folk and country is something that seeped into all our consciousness when we were young. It’s that music of our youth that we all came back to and re-embraced when starting the band.

TF: What inspired your name, The Deportees?

The Woody Guthrie number.

TF: What is the music scene like in Aberdeenshire – has it been supportive over your time creating and performing music?

There’s a real camaraderie and community to the Aberdeen and ‘Shire scene. I think the best way it supports bands is through the bands themselves, coming out and plugging each other and gigging with each other. Being a small scene compared to down south, everybody knows everybody and bands share drummers and bassists and help out with this and that. That community is what sees the scene through.

The Birth of Industry came out on 3rd November 2017.