Charlotte Eriksson, otherwise known as The Glass Child, has just released a new EP, titled Coming Home, under Broken Glass Records, which follows a previous six and three LPs.

Charlotte spoke with The Fountain about her influences, where her name came from, and how both Sweden and London have helped her transform her career.

TF: You must be excited about the release of your new EP, Coming Home?

Yes, I am! It’s a little more folky and summery than my previous records, and its fun to get to express another side of myself.

TF: What music did you grow up listening to, formulating your taste and interest in music? It must be pretty eclectic with both Sweden and London as homes for you?

When I first discovered music I fell in love with the storytelling. I loved bands like Counting Crows, Bright Eyes, Ben Harper and Ani Difranco. They all have this magical way of telling a story and building up worlds through their lyrics. But as I moved out in the world I discovered and fell in love with all kinds of music, genres and bands. That’s the beauty of meeting other songwriters from across the globe, your eyes open to how much amazing music there is everywhere.

TF: What inspired your name, The Glass Child?

The Glass Child symbolises the balance between wanting to be seen and heard, but still wanting to protect yourself from other people’s opinions about you. I think a lot of people think that artists who spend their lives trying to make their art heard are power people and super strong, but The Glass Child stands for the way you can be both strong and fragile.

TF: What was the music scene like in Sweden – has it been supportive over your time creating and performing music, or did you move to London to find that?

Sweden has an incredible music industry. Turn on the radio and the odds are that the majority of the songs are both written and produced by Swedes. But it’s also a very small country and I wanted to get out in the world and experience, explore and sing for whoever wanted to listen. London is still like the capital of music in Europe so it was the obvious place to start. It was the best place to just learn, practice, meet musicians and other songwriters, understand what this is all about and just throw yourself into a life for a while.

TF: And have you any plans to come play in Scotland soon? What’s next on the cards for The Glass Child after this release?

Scotland is one of my favourite places on earth and I’ve spent a lot of time up in Edinburgh. I actually wrote most of my third book, You’re Doing Just Fine up there! I definitely will be back and play in Scotland soon, hopefully the beginning of next year. Right now I’m in Germany playing some shows and next week I’ll be over in England playing again. I’m enjoying every second of getting to share my stories with people.

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