Michael Jablonka is not only Michael Kiwanuka’s guitarist. He’s a Hendrix-inspired musician who has recently released single, Peacefully, out on Lost in the Manor Records.

Embarking on a solo career, The Fountain spoke with Michael about performing with the award-winning Michael Kiwanuka but also transitioning to a different mode, playing as Michael Jablonka and the different energies that comes with that.

TF: Guitarist for Michael Kiwanuka, you already have a good gig, but now going solo as a musician, life ain’t too bad huh?

Life is good at the moment, I’ve really enjoyed the journey over the past year and a half. Happy bunny indeed!

TF: You’ve obviously been influenced by Hendrix, but do you find that the musicians you tour with have a subliminal effect on your solo work?

Definitely, it’s more apparent when you have time to yourself that you hear the influence of others in your playing and songwriting, so weird when that happens. Experiencing bands at festivals over the summer was really inspiring too.

TF: And you have released your first single with Peacefully – what kind of response is that receiving?

I think it’s been received well, I’m so happy to of finally released that track and it feels like everyone has taken to it positively.

TF: And are you presently on tour as a solo musician or with Michael Kiwanuka – how must that feel in comparison to touring with another artist?

I haven’t toured with my band yet but I’m very eager to start my own adventure for sure. It would differ a fair bit just because the two band settings have quite different energies.

TF: And are you including Scotland into your tour?

Who knows! I’ve had nothing but incredible times in Scotland and good fudge too!

TF: And what else is on the cards for Michael Jablonka? More writing, recording, touring?

I try to write and demo stuff with any free time I have at home, there’ll be a lot more recording during the winter, maybe another release before the year ends which would be cool. No tour yet but there’s a couple live dates to look forward to, including Brixton Electric on 12th October and The Lexington on 28th November, both in London.

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