Following the success of their last EP, Edinburgh’s Mt Doubt have released surprisingly upbeat track, Mouthwash, out on Scottish Fiction Records.

The Fountain spoke with Leo Bargery from the band about the new single, his favourite brand of mouthwash and the one venue he is keen to play.

TF: So your new single, how would you describe it?

Mouthwash is as upbeat and cheery as Mt. Doubt is likely to ever get… with that said, it’s a song primarily about wallowing your days away underpinned by shiny synths and glitchy guitars. I quite like the contrast between the songs actual content and the way it’s delivered, it’s a bit unnerving! Dance and feel unnerved.

TF: And what kind of response has it received so far? Guitar-heavy and anthemic springs to mind…

People have said nice things and my mum’s a fan so that’s always a bonus. A few wee reviews have kicked the ‘anthemic’ tag around which is potentially flattering so long as it’s more REM; less Status Quo.

TF: Not only that but you also have a new EP out in November, Moon Landings. What are we likely to expect from this new record?

If you set your standards low then you’ll be constantly surprised (the wisdom of Peter La Fleur, 2004)… So expect nothing! Alternatively, expect some wordy, catchy and slightly more expansive (than our usual) dark-pop. We’re very excited to release it into the wild.

TF: And I presume you have all the trimmings to follow, a promo tour and the like?

We do have some proverbial parsnips and potatoes lined-up. Shows all over really, from Brighton to Aberdeen and potentially further in the new year… It’ll be exciting to play the songs to people who have no idea who we are! Full listings are available on our Facebook!

TF: Where is the one place you have not yet played that you would wish to?

The John Peel Stage at Glastonbury. One day…

TF: And what is your mouthwash of choice Leo?

Described by Amazon user ‘Sallyex’ as “Great value for money – Nice taste”, it really is hard to look beyond Aquafresh, king of the mouthwashes… Give it a swirl.

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