With a debut album released on 20th October, Misc. Muses, out on Double A-Side Records and a recent launch party, Barbe Rousse has much to offer in the coming months.

Edinburgh-based Alastair Kelly spoke with The Fountain about the Edinburgh music scene, what to expect from this album and what is to follow this debut.

TF: With a debut album out and launch party, you must be excited?

I am indeed! There were several periods where I thought I’d never finish it or that it belonged in the bin rather than on shelves but I can say that I’m very happy with the final results and can’t wait for it to be heard by people other than me and my mum.

TF: And Edinburgh-based, how much support do you feel the city has to offer with your music and the Scottish music scene?

I think the general consensus is that Glasgow is superior to Edinburgh with regards to a music scene but I really feel the two cities are so close that there’s no point comparing them, they kind of dovetail into one another. However, a lot of Edinburgh’s venues seem to have evaporated over the last few years so it may appear that Edinburgh is becoming less and less concerned about music but that’s far from the truth! The venues that are still around are thriving and they’ve provided me with a platform to express myself and share my music. In simpler terms Edinburgh is bathed in culture and will always embrace up and coming artists with open arms so I feel very supported indeed.

TF: And a musician from Leith, who wrote his stories and songs from his own bedroom, were they recorded there too, or did you do that elsewhere?

Most of the record was recorded in my room(s) with the exception of the drums tracks. Those were recorded at my mate Dave’s house and in the studio space at Napier Uni. Oh, and we recorded a few brass tracks in my pal’s bathroom as well!

TF: If you were to sum up in one sentence your sound, what would it be?

Psychedelic soul with a seasoning of jazz, experimentation and nonsense.

TF: And what else is on the cards, aside from the album launch at the 13th note, tours, more writing, recording etc?

Well I’ve already got at least an EP’s worth of material ready to be recorded so I’ll probably move onto that real soon. Other than that just focusing on expanding our live sound – sample pads, horn sections, backup dancers? Who knows?

Misc. Muses was released on 20th October by Double A-Side Records.