Meadowlark embark on a UK-wide headline tour later this month, which sees them at Glasgow’s Record Factory on October 6th, culminating in a homecoming show at Bristol’s iconic Louisiana venue on 13th October.

The Fountain spoke with the band’s Kate McGill about working with Spike Stent, the inspiration behind Postcards and how she met Dan Broadley to form Meadowlark.

TF: With the acclaim your album has been getting and a forthcoming tour, you must be excited?

It’s an exciting job! We’ve both dreamt of being able to do this since as far as I can remember, and now that it’s real… it’s pretty f**king great. Always work to do though!

TF: I think we are all dying to know what it was also like to work with the renowned Spike Stent?

Well his schedule must be so busy that the fact he even took us on was a massive compliment! He made the album come alive and we’ll be forever grateful for that. Plus he’s just f**king cool, isn’t he?

TF: There are obviously a plethora of influences with your debut album. Where did you primarily look to for inspiration with this record?

Probably just our own lives. Most, if not all of the songs on the record are super personal to us. I feel like songwriting connects with people more when they know it’s authentic and is coming from a real place. As humans, we’re all so complex and weird. There’s so much to write about!

TF: How did you both meet and start collaborating as you both began as solo artists from my awareness?

I (Kate) was a solo artist and a YouTuber back in the day, whilst Dan was in rock bands growing up and making amazing music videos on the side. He came up to Bristol to see Tallest Man On Earth and he dropped by for a drink beforehand. He was looking to get out of the rock scene and I was looking to start collaborating more. I text him that night and the rest, my friend, is history!

TF: With quite the tour and some fantastic venues on the list, you must have gigs you are eagerly anticipating? Which excite you the most?

We’re really excited for the hometown show in Bristol! We love this city so much – and to get to play to a bunch of our family and friends is always a treat. But honestly, we’re just keen for the tour in general. A headline tour is always really special, ’cause you know people have bought tickets PURELY to see you. That’s crazy!

TF: you are playing Record Factory in Glasgow, with Rubian and Cortne as support. It must be grand to be headlining in the heart of Glasgow’s underground west end?

It’s f**king amazing! We’ve played Glasgow a few times now and the crowds are always so supportive and so loud! Cannot. Wait.

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