GUN have gone back to their rocker roots with seventh studio album, Favourite Pleasures, which is out now, with acclaim and much approval from their fans.

Showcasing tracks from the album in three live dates in December, Dante Gizzi from the band spoke to The Fountain about new guitarist, Tommy Gentry, his favourite pleasures in life and playing the Barrowlands later in the year.

TF: So you’ve just released your seventh album and have a forthcoming tour including Glasgow Barrowlands which is gallus, you must be chuffed?

Yeah we’ve just released out new album Favourite Pleasures which we’re really excited about. The response we’ve been getting by fans and critics has been absolutely phenomenal as the album has had forty something reviews and every one of them, we couldn’t write it better ourselves, so positive and the reaction from the fans which is most important has been totally overwhelming, just amazing.

We have the Barrowlands in Dec and that venue always holds a very special place in our hearts, for us it’s the only gig to play in Glasgow, the build up to the gig, the atmosphere is just electric and five minutes before we go on you can hear the fans calling out the bands name it really sends shivers down your spine. I’d say it’s the best venue in the world.

TF: And you recorded this album in your own studios in Hillington, what influenced you to choose there to record this one rather than Glasgow?

The reason we choose to record our album in Hillington is pretty simple, our office and management are based in Hillington and there was space to build rehearsal rooms and a recording studio which is exactly what we done. Recording the album in our own studio was fantastic and the best thing we have done, we had no pressure of time scales or costs, we could just take our time to get the songs and the recordings right.

TF: And as for your side projects have El Presidente gone quiet for the time being or will it come back to form at some point?

The El Presidente project was fantastic, I had so much fun doing that. Jools and I had a bunch of songs that were way different from what we were doing in GUN. I always wanted to front my own band and call it El Presidente. Sony/BMG put it out and we became very popular in France and Japan and other territories and was fortunate enough to be able to go and tour it in Japan. Due to record company politics El Presidente didn’t continue, Jools and I had a whole second album written and recorded whether that comes to surface I’m not so sure but meantime he right now I’m enjoying my time singing and performing in GUN.

TF: You also have a new guitarist in the band, Tommy Gentry, which must affect the sound of the band. In which way would you say so?

When we decided to record Favourite Pleasures, we wanted to go back to our rock roots, give it a heavier guitar sound. Tommy came in halfway through the recordings and exactly did that, he put down most of the guitar solos as well as some rhythm tracks. Tommy adds real dynamic to the band, especially live. He’s an awesome guitar player and adds a real presence to us, we are very lucky to have him. As well as his amazing guitar playing, he’s such a down to earth guy which is very important.

TF: Titling your album Favourite Pleasures, I wonder what are some of your favourite pleasures?

That’s kind of easy, my favourite pleasures are my kids and cooking!

TF: The gig in Glasgow you are headlining, the others you are co-headlining – how will this logically take place?

Yeah Glasgow we are headlining but there are two more shows, Manchester and London. We’re headlining with a band called Inme, we will close both the Manchester and London shows but Inme will have a headlining set time like us. We’re so looking forward to the shows it’s gonna be fantastic and so look forward to seeing Inme.

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