Spear of Destiny’s Kirk Brandon is set to play a gig in East Kilbride’s Village Inn, playing with cellist Sam Sansbury.

The Fountain spoke with Kirk about his West coast concert, his vast history in the music scene and the differences between playing solo and as part of a band.

TF: You’ve come a long way since your days of being in The Pack. What is it that you are up to now?

We’ve recently recorded and released a new Theatre of Hate album titled Kinshi. Also, literally just finished an album Cello Suites Duo, which we’re taking out on the forthcoming August tour.

TF: You are soon to start touring the UK with Sam Sansbury, the cello player, how did this collaboration come about?

Through a mutual friend. He expressed a desire to return to being a cello player again. He’d recently stopped running a family business. I said let’s see if my song-writing marries up with his cello and find some arrangements that work maybe.

TF: How does playing solo compare with playing in bands like Spear of Destiny and The Pack, and which do you prefer?

Playing solo is believe it or not, more of a challenge. Sam comes very much from a classical background so things are different. We’ve done some great arrangements on classic songs and he’s come up with parts himself.

TF: Is there anything you wish you had done differently in the past? You have worked with some influential people in the music world? That must have had a positive impact?

‘If wishes were fishes, we’d all cast nets’… so many things but, these are the lessons and hard knocks you learn to live or not live with. So many great people have helped along in this pilgrimage. They’ve furnished me with a take on life that the sun never sets.. so much to see, do and live. When you’re brown bread in your pine suit, worry about it all then.

TF: And your tour includes East Kilbride in Scotland, not Glasgow or Edinburgh surprisingly. What brought on this decision?

We knew the promoter personally, Brian, so it was a natural thing to play at his venue in East Kilbride. I played it before once too. In reality it’s not that far from Edinburgh or Glasgow

TF: What are we to look forward to from you in the near future Kirk, another new album? A second tour? Do tell.

We’re bringing the acoustic/cello album with us on this tour and looking forward immensely to doing it. I have Theatre of Hate shows in September and October in the U.S. and UK too.

Kirk will be playing East Kilbride’s Village Inn on 25th August and you can find out more about him and his releases here.