Lomond Campbell has not only just signed to Heavenly Recordings (presently also with Mark Lanegan, TOY and Saint Etienne included in their roster), but will be playing Edinburgh Festivals in August as part of Creative Scotland’s ‘Made In Scotland’ initiative, performing with Song by Toad’s Modern Studies.

The Fountain caught up with Lomond Campbell to discuss Edinburgh Festivals and his new signing.

TF: With an acclaimed new album and a gig with ‘Made In Scotland’ for the festival you must be excited?

I am.

TF: Is this your first performance as part of the Edinburgh August madness? What are we to expect from this performance?

I lived in Edinburgh for years so I’ve played festival gigs before but I’ve never really found the festival to be a particularly effective platform for local music in the past as it caters more for art, theatre and comedy. This is slightly different as it’s a unique show, funded by Creative Scotland’s ‘Made In Scotland’ initiative.  It’s an ambitious showcase of Scottish music that you just won’t see anywhere else.  Even if I wasn’t involved in it and the bill was just Modern Studies, I’d endeavour to go and see it.

TF: Collaborating with the Pumpkinseeds orchestra we are expecting something special. Have you had much opportunity to rehearse with them ahead of this performance with your remote living?

This incarnation of The Pumpkinseeds is pretty much the exact same players who featured on Black River Promise. The plan is to play the album in its entirety, which realistically is unlikely to happen very often.  So if you like that album, this is the time to come and see it as it sounds on the recordings.  Obviously there are huge logistical issues with rehearsing when you involve so many people, but I have played an abbreviated version a few times as a quartet.

TF: And with Song, by Toad’s Modern Studies also on board, this sounds set to be a varied but strong evening for pastoral music. Have you worked with these guys before?

Yeah, I’ve always enjoyed Emily’s albums in the past – so much so I got her embroiled in a four hour long performance in St Paul’s Church on New Years Day a few years back.  I’ve crossed paths with Pete Harvey many times…in fact he played cello on FOUND’s 2007 album This Mess We Keep Reshaping, thought I didn’t know him so well back then.  Rob’s another one who’s been doing really interesting stuff for many years. I only met Joe in January when we were all on tour together with King Creosote. He’s an amazing drummer….and that voice of his!  MS have just signed to Fire Records and are currently recording their follow up so it’s a really exciting time for them.  Oh, and we recorded covers of each other’s songs and Triassic Tusk pressed it on to ltd edition 7” vinyl.  You can get it here.

TF: Aside from SOUNDING and the Edinburgh Festival what else can we look forward to and expect from Lomond Campbell within the next year? More performances? Another album?

I just signed a deal with Heavenly Recordings and they’ve re-mastered Black River Promise and will be releasing it in November so I imagine things will get busy around then.

I also just finished a new single with a cover of Withered Hand’s California as the B Side.  Not sure when we’ll release that but it’s quite a departure from the stuff on my album.  Maybe a hint of what’s to come…..or maybe just an anomaly.

For more on the SOUNDING performance with Modern Studies in Stockbridge Church and tickets click here.