Eleanor Conway, after performing as part of the Free Fringe last year is taking her show, Walk of Shame, to The Stand in Edinburgh for the Fringe in August.

The Fountain spoke with Eleanor ahead of World Fringe Day about what we can expect from her show, her move from presenting to comedy, and what next is in store for this relatively new comedian.

TF: What inspired you to turn from presenting to comedy?

I’m inanely egotistical and so felt that I was more entertaining than Justin Bieber. However, three years on I am still living in a rented place in Hackney while Bieber has mansions across the world and is half my age…I still maintain that I’m right and am eagerly awaiting for Scooter Braun’s call just now.

TF: And with three years under your belt on the circuit you must be a dab hand now?

Well, I think if you look at the comics that are really brilliant they’ve been around for twenty plus years; three years is really just a dip in the water. I’ve got loads to learn, and it’s an exciting ride, trying to find your voice and finding out who connects with what you have to say.

TF: This year you are bringing your debut stand up show, Walk of Shame, to the Fringe in Edinburgh. What can the festival-goers expect from this one?

A better honed version of last years show? I’ve been on tour and the show is in a really good place. You should come if you want a lively, funny, heartfelt seventy minutes.

TF: And performing at the renowned Stand as well..is this your first time there or have you previously gigged there?

I did the free fringe last year at the fringe to packed out audiences and to be offered a slot to do the show again at one of my favourite comedy venues, The Stand, is great. It’s a real honour. I can’t wait!

TF: Where next are you hoping to go with your stand up? Have you any other shows in Scotland coming up and any other ideas for shows brewing?

I’m in Inverness at the end of August and as soon as the fringe breaks I’m on a European/ UK tour… Which is very exciting! As for what’s next, I guess you’ll just have to wait and see…..

To purchase tickets for Walk of Shame at the Fringe in Edinburgh click here. For more information on here tour click here.