Electro-pop artist Devereaux returns with Kapowski, our first hint of new music from him since 2014’s Pineapple Flex LP. A summer inject of synth perfect for the months ahead.

Devereaux or W. Heyward Sims spoke with The Fountain about the new single release, the possibilities of a new LP and his new job of being a dad.

TF: So you have a new single out – Kapowski – what can we expect from this new track?

Bass and fingers in the air.  Maybe the aural embodiment of that emoji that is nails getting done with pink polish.  I actually thought about making that emoji the cover art for the single but then I kind of sort of decided to go for a minimal abstraction of it.

TF: A reflective, dreamy, summer track, but drenched in 80s nostalgia – what response are you hoping to get from this track? What response have you already received? 

I’m hoping people feel it and want to move to it.  Turn it up and pop something open while it pulses.  If people can relate to the concept that’s cool, too, but I’m much more inclined to start a party in lieu of leading a lecture.  One friend in D.C. that heard Kapowski while I was finishing the mix asked me if I had “been listening to a lot of Whodini lately?” which was interesting.

TF: It’s been a while since we have heard much from you with the last LP out three years ago. What have you been doing for the last three years? 

A lot of my time has been focused on being a dad and working in graphic design, but I’ve been writing and recording new tracks when I have the time.  2016 was, without question, the year of my life in which I have eaten the most tabouli.

TF: Where do you get your inspiration from for the music you create? Who has influenced you over the years?  

I draw inspiration from everything.  Sounds on the street, life experiences, and of course other pieces of music.  I’ve been influenced by a multitude of artists across myriad genres over the years, really too many to name.  Two tracks I’ve discovered lately, though, that I thought were quite nice are Hidden Pleasures by HOSH and Say My Name by Tove Styrke.

TF: Is there an album on the cards?  

There is for sure.  No guarantees on when it will be out but I have definitely been working on it and I’d say it’s more than half way finished.  I’m usually pretty agenda driven with my songs, keeping them a certain length and being pretty ruthless with the pacing, but I have this one song idea tentatively titled Bananas & Cabernet that I’m very tempted to let meander for ten minutes and just be this bizarre journey of a track.  You know, something you could really sand a floor to.  I used to be in an instrumental prog-rock band in college and we would really let some tunes hang out.  I’m itching to lean on that mentality just a hair.

TF: And a tour? Shall we have the pleasure of seeing you perform in Scotland anytime soon?

To my dismay, that is likely not in the queue for the near future, but when I do you will be the first person I call.  Can I sleep on your floor?  If not maybe outside by the trash can?  Do you guys call it a rubbish bin over there?  I’m not very picky.  I slept under a pool table once.

Kapowski is out now via Post-Echo and premiered via Atwood Magazine.