Andrew McMahon, with the release of new album, will be playing a date in Glasgow, under new name Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. The Emmy-nominated frontman of Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate releases Zombies on Broadway this Friday, a follow up to McMahon’s debut album that included the US success Cecilia in the Satellite.

Zombies on Broadway showcases McMahon’s blend of piano-pop-rock and was listed as one of Music Week’s Key Releases alongside Sampha and Ryan Adams. The Fountain spoke with Andrew about the new album, Chuck Berry’s influence on music and his desire to explore Glasgow.

TF: So a new album and tour – you must be excited? 

Without question. It’s been a ride and we’re just getting started.

TF: With a title like Zombies on Broadway, are we to expect a concept album for your second? 

I don’t know if the album title was intended to infer concept but in retrospect I do feel like the title and the songs on the album have come to symbolize the idea of losing yourself to the city.

TF: And how are you finding making music solo? Do you miss the creative input or enjoy the autonomy? 

I think this project is the product of much more collaboration than any of my others. I’ve been more or less a solo artist since Jack’s Mannequin, the primary difference between Jack’s and Wilderness is largely the application of my own name.

TF: We have just seen the unfortunate passing of Chuck Berry who was a massive influence on rock n roll. Did he influence your work and who did you hold dear when it came to inspiration?

I wouldn’t say he was a direct influence, but the reality of his impact on rock music as a genre is without parallel. If there was no Chuck Berry there would be no Andrew McMahon. I was, however, largely influenced by the singer songwriters of the sixties and seventies. Artist’s like Billy Joel, Elton John, Paul Simon and Neil Young. Tom Petty is another who has played a huge role in my musical upbringing.

TF: And you have a gig in Glasgow’s infamous King Tuts at the end of May – what are you looking to savour and enjoy about the Scottish city? 

I’ve always enjoyed my shows in Glasgow. I’ve had very little time to actually explore as a tourist so I’m hopeful for a day off so I can get more familiar with the people and the culture.

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