When The Fountain heard that 2015 SAY Award winner, Kathryn Joseph, was about to embark on a tour which not only takes in eight dates in the Highlands and Islands but is the first to train and support young promoters aged 16 – 26, we decided to interview her about her involvement with this initiative.

Developed by GET IN, a new music initiative and help these youthful promoters to bring world class performance to their local communities, it sounds beguiling and will hopefully give a new wealth of knowledge to the role, as well as allow them to understand that work in the creative industries is still very much a possibility.

TF: Are you able to give us an understanding of GET IN and what they do?

It’s the Touring Network, organising all of it, and it’s an opportunity for young people to get an understanding of what careers are available and what is involved in touring. It involves smaller venues around the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. I don’t think I had realised that they could chose any world class performance and they had chosen me. So I am very lucky.

TF: What aspect of it was that compelled you to get involved with this project?

It was purely that I was asked. Why would you say no to do the most beautiful tour? It’s all in tiny beautiful wee places and that’s some of my favourite things.

TF: It must be exciting to have a tour that includes Findhorn, Arisaig and Skye…

Yeah and Islay, and I’ve never even been so I’ve not got a clue as to what to expect, it’s so exciting. All of my favourite gigs are small ones as you can feel all of the people in the room, it does not matter how many people are there, it will just be a really nice time. A really lovely one.

TF: It will be a fantastic accolade for the promoters to have you involved with your award winning album, Bones You Have Thrown Me and Blood I’ve Spilled. Have you done any similar projects to this?

No, not at all actually. We’ve only really done one wee tour but that was down south but we’ve not really toured it at all. It’s a lovely thing. My mum’s Highlands and my Dad lives on Lewis, but we’re not going to Lewis so he is a bit miffed. It’s just really nice to go and play places that we wouldn’t normally have.

TF: What do you personally hope to get out of it apart from the stunning views and landscapes?

I played Iona Village Hall Music Festival and how strong the feeling was in the room was really affecting. It will be wonderful to play and for those that don’t get to gigs that often, I think it will be special, it will be a special feeling I think. For me it’s just a really lovely tour, and we will be playing some new songs as well, which is important for me.

TF: Where do you see projects like this heading? Do you think they’re giving a good grasp of the work required for these guys to become the next PCL or DF Concerts?

I hope so. I think to get into, to get trained and have it explained to you, it would be beneficial. I have come from a place where I have no knowledge how any of it works and it’s great to be involved. And all of the people involved are all coming from different aspects, some of them play, some of them are support acts that are playing at some of the gigs as well. It’s all really nice.

The GET IN tour kicks off tomorrow at Boat of Garten Community Hall and concludes at Bruichladdich on 18th March. Full tour date and ticket information on www.kathrynjoseph.co.uk and www.thetouringnetwork.com.