Richard Plant

Pick of 2016: Inside

Playdead’s follow up to 2010’s LIMBO might look superficially similar, concerning kids and creepy doings in the woods, but the sheer depth of creativity at every level makes this game an automatic recommendation.

Not only have the team smoothed out the rough edges for their sophomore effort, but the refusal to provide easy answers has left an enduring mystery, as much of a pleasure to chew over as the experience of play itself. Do play, and join the rest of in puzzling out what exactly was going on.

Keira Brown

Pick of 2016: Cate Le Bon

After catching her live and realising it may be a long while before she hits any stages live, I felt somewhat privileged to make it along to her Art School gig this month. Not only does the lass scream cool, but her psyche-folk entrances your spirit, and before you know it, those around you are heckling or dancing like we had time-travelled back a couple of decades.

Concluding with a bizarrely great Christmas medley her fans were screaming for more, particularly after He’s Leaving, which was abundant in energy. A surefire class act, Cate Le Bon is a Welsh girl, who not only stole the hearts of the gentlemen in the crowd, and will hopefully not keep her fans in anticipation for too much longer before hearing her unique vocals and obtuse arrangements.