Aude Naudi-Bonnemaison: My favourite form of creativity is probably to be in a room with other theatre makers

Sanctuary Queer Arts is excited to announce the ten members of their first National Queer Young Company and two recipients of the Newer Artists award, Theo Sneddon and Jess Chanliau. The Young Company members, all identifying as LGBTQIA+, include musicians, actors, dramaturgs, directors and drag performers and hail from all across the country – from Thurso to Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumbarton.

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Matthew Allison: From an early age she encouraged my siblings and I to sing

Three Chairs and a Hat are part of [email protected]’s second season, with their two videos HAGS and Three Stages. Three Stages features two poems and a song written about the sudden death of a friend, involving singer Matthew Allison. Both are written by company founder Nia Williams, and so, The Fountain caught up with Nia and Matt to discuss the performances in more depth.

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Review: The Secret Theatre Rating 67%

Review: The Secret Theatre

The Scottish Ballet, despite not being able to have theatre in real life this December, have outdone themselves with their most recent offering in The Secret Theatre. Building on its creative and innovative digital work to keep audiences inspired, the world premiere of the company’s first full-length, feature film has landed, working with Glasgow company Forest of Black in the production.

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Review: Zoo Motel Rating 66%

Review: Zoo Motel

Theatre Nation have done it again, creating innovative and fresh theatre via the intriguing mind of Thaddeus Phillips in the UK premiere of Zoo Motel. Mysterious, playful, ambitious and somewhat interactive, Zoo Motel is a live and intimately theatrical/cinematic play broadcast live from a village in South America; there is an emphasis on the international element of these events, having people from Norway, Serbia and the UK join this event.

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Eva O’Connor: It’s brilliant fun to perform

Mustard is a one-woman show about heartbreak, madness and how condiments are the ultimate coping mechanism, by award-winning playwright and performer Eva O’Connor. Showing as part of the Traverse’s online programme, The Fountain caught up with Eva to tell us more about the show and her affiliation with the Traverse.

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Mara Menzies: We decided it would be more interesting for us to tell the story of Nanny

This autumn, the Scottish International Storytelling Festival (SISF) takes audiences on a voyage, exploring Scotland’s coasts and water through music and storytelling. The programme for the 2020 Scottish International Storytelling Festival was In the Flow, which was an eclectic mix of online events spanning across the globe and small-scale face-to-face events, celebrating Scotland ‘a nation shaped by the sea’. One of these events was performed by Apphia Campbell and Mara Menzies, who spoke with The Fountain about her involvement with the SISF and some of her personal highlights.

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Review: TJ, January 3rd Rating 76%

Review: TJ, January 3rd

TJ is a comedian from the US and this is his debut show, filmed on his 31st birthday on January 3rd 2020, but was first aired on 3rd November 2020. The advertising blurb calls it edgy and controversial; which it is. It seems these days that the way to amuse people is to offend other people, but as with all comedy some of these comments will be a hit, whilst others are a miss. Reviewing comedy is a strange thing really as we all find different things funny, and are all offended by different things. It must be said that TJ has a knack of making statements that could be taken as offensive but framing them in an amusing way.

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Reece Clarke: We are finally getting back on stage with some gala performances

The UK’s leading fresh potato brand has swapped Bartlett for Ballet, releasing a stunning new video featuring long term ambassador Reece Clarke and his partner on stage and in life Fumi Kaneko. The pair, both of whom are first soloists with The Royal Ballet, perform sections of Tchaikovsky’s legendary The Sleeping Beauty in Albert Bartlett’s Jersey factory. In the video, the Jersey Royal seed potatoes are preparing to be tucked in themselves before being woken up in November and planted early in the new year. Reece spoke with The Fountain about the process and relationship with Albert Bartlett.

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Claire Halleran: We wanted to find a way to use these spaces in a different way

Theatre designers have not been idle since Lockdown. They have used their ‘resting’ creative skills to launch #TakeASeat with Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum Theatre and make work designed to engage and inspire the audiences they are missing. A collective response to the spaces they cannot be in, it is a call to arms to their craft, an art installation and a love letter to absent audiences, a rallying call for creative and thought-provoking responses that both illustrate and celebrate Scotland’s remarkable theatre industry. Theatre Designer, Claire Halleran who has been very much involved in the project spoke with The Fountain about it in more detail.

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Daniella Kidd: Initially it was really challenging and a steep learning curve

Despite lockdown Beatroute Arts are keeping a community connected. The pioneering charity in Balornock, North Glasgow provides a wide range of arts and holistic activities for its community which are developed in direct response to local need. Founded in 1990 within the ten per cent most disadvantaged regions in Scotland, Beatroute started by providing music lessons for young people. The unique participant led approach has been the backbone of the charity’s success and also the key to the transformative results as young participants gain so much more than music skills. Assistant Director, Daniella Kidd, spoke with The Fountain about their adapted approach.

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Review: The Coolidge Effect Rating 80%

Review: The Coolidge Effect

The Coolidge Effect, created by Glasgow theatre company Wonderfools, was written in 2017 and toured all over the UK in theatres and community spaces alike. Its title is taken from the scientific theory ‘the Coolidge effect’, a study which proves that, specifically in males, variety in sexual life is key to continued arousal. Dealing with the effects of pornography on sexual and mental well-being, The Coolidge Effect was initially devised from interviews with porn addicts and advocates, as well as mental health professionals. Writers Jack Nurse and Robbie Gordon fuse these different perspectives into four interweaving narratives, all showing a different perspective on the issue of porn addiction. While I didn’t manage to catch the production itself, last week Wonderfools released The Coolidge Effect as an audio play, which, despite not being its original medium, adapted excellently to the format and created something unflinchingly honest and impactful.

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Review: Scottish Youth Theatre’s 2020 Stories Rating 80%

Review: Scottish Youth Theatre’s 2020 Stories

Last month I tuned in to Scottish Youth Theatre’s digital broadcast, 2020 Stories: a showcase of work by 20 young writers aged between 15-25, performed by a group of professional actors. In total there were 20 pieces, all centred around the theme of Covid-19 and its impact. As a writer myself, I know just how hard it can be to write something meaningful about our current climate that feels hopeful and optimistic in its outlook; This, I believe, is exactly what 2020 Stories set out to do, and successfully delivered.

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