Review: Martin Creed’s Everything Is Going To Be Alright, Summerhall Edinburgh Fringe 2021 Rating 75%

Review: Martin Creed’s Everything Is Going To Be Alright, Summerhall Edinburgh Fringe 2021

Without a doubt, anyone that suggests a transformation of the word hate to hats has my attention from the get go. Martin Creed, the Turner Prize-winning artist-performer-composer and ‘punk poet’ is an artist that likes to do a bit of word-play and consider the make-up and meaning of words. We see this not only in his art installations but also within his music and poetry, and presently even more so with the show that is Everything Is Going To Be Alright at Edinburgh’s Summerhall as part of the Festival 2021.

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Eva O’Connor: It’s based on lots of my past (failed!) relationships and my experience with an eating disorder

Triple Fringe First and Olivier-winning Fishamble, in association with Fringe First-winning Sunday’s Child, return to Summerhall with the 2019 hit show Mustard by Eva O’Connor. A darkly comic play about heartbreak, madness, and how condiments are the ultimate coping mechanism. When the man of her dreams, a professional cyclist, leaves E, she plummets into a black hole of heartbreak at the speed of a doped-up team on the Tour de France. Eva spoke with The Fountain about the show as well as others that are on her radar this year.

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Neil John Gibson: I am currently firmly focused on With You In The Distance at the moment

With You In The Distance is a promenade theatre piece between one storyteller and one audience member. From Glasgow’s Briggait, the pair will walk through Glasgow Green of the late 1800s hearing the story of two of the city’s lovers. From Neil John Gibson and Ciaran Stewart is a story about two men falling in love with each other at a time when homosexuality was illegal. The Fountain caught up with them both about the performance and what we can expect.

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Mamoru: This is my take to see what biology could contribute to celebrate our diverse gender identities

Part of the 2021 Made in Scotland Showcase, Sex Education Xplorers (S.E.X.) is a time-travel ride through the evolution of sexes. It celebrates our diverse gender identities and sexualities. The show by Mamoru Iriguchi is a playful new take on sex education from the award-winning team behind Eaten and is an eye-opening experience for teenagers, and everyone who missed out on the sex education they should have been given at school! Mamoru spoke with The Fountain about the show and why we should all delve into this new sex education we’ve all been missing.

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Jess Brough: Art is within everybody

I spent some time scrolling through the Fringe of Colour website and was immediately hooked. Seeing that their team aligned with their message, which aligned with the work they share was magical. Here is a platform created by people of colour, hiring people of colour, sharing art by people of colour from Scotland and beyond. It was like finding a rare Pokémon card as a kid. I expected the same old but instead found something glittery and new.

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Review: Bard in the Yard – The Scottish Play Rating 77%

Review: Bard in the Yard – The Scottish Play

How would Shakespeare write during Covid times? Well technically he kind of did if we consider the plague and the era of The Black Death. And in fact wrote two of his most highly regarded. We’ve all as writers felt a little unsettled, unproductive, displaced over the last fifteen months or so, and this is a humorous and yet moving play which addresses this along with Shakespeare’s relentless back catalogue. A project created by Will & Co the Bard in the Yard is across the country with a variety of Bards for a variety of audiences, and for the afternoon we were regaled by Caroline Mathison.

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Review: Adventures with the Painted People Rating 90%

Review: Adventures with the Painted People

David Greig’s Pictish play was originally commissioned by Pitlochry Festival Theatre with the intention of it being part of their 2020 season. When the pandemic hit it was reimagined as an audio play by it’s author and PFT’s creative director Elizabeth Newman and broadcast to not inconsiderable acclaim on BBC Radio 3.

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Review: Scottish Ballet – Dive & Odyssey Rating 66%

Review: Scottish Ballet – Dive & Odyssey

Scottish Ballet released the world premiere of two new dance films by company creatives Sophie Laplane and Nicholas Shoesmith, with the first being screened to celebrate International Dance Day on Thursday 29 April 2021. Dive and Odyssey are both produced in association with Forest of Black; Scottish Ballet have yet again created high production value digital film, incorporating contemporary and ballet dance pieces.

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Review: Tennis Elbow Rating 88%

Review: Tennis Elbow

With the premiere of his play Tennis Elbow, a sequel to 1977’s Writer’s Cramp, John Byrne takes us for a walk on the distaff side. Whereas the original play was told from the perspective of the lamentable Francis McDade, a writer, who by all accounts wallowed in mediocrity, Tennis Elbow takes the point of view of his erstwhile wife the esteemed author Pamela Crichton Capers.

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Aude Naudi-Bonnemaison: My favourite form of creativity is probably to be in a room with other theatre makers

Sanctuary Queer Arts is excited to announce the ten members of their first National Queer Young Company and two recipients of the Newer Artists award, Theo Sneddon and Jess Chanliau. The Young Company members, all identifying as LGBTQIA+, include musicians, actors, dramaturgs, directors and drag performers and hail from all across the country – from Thurso to Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumbarton.

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Matthew Allison: From an early age she encouraged my siblings and I to sing

Three Chairs and a Hat are part of [email protected]’s second season, with their two videos HAGS and Three Stages. Three Stages features two poems and a song written about the sudden death of a friend, involving singer Matthew Allison. Both are written by company founder Nia Williams, and so, The Fountain caught up with Nia and Matt to discuss the performances in more depth.

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Review: The Secret Theatre Rating 67%

Review: The Secret Theatre

The Scottish Ballet, despite not being able to have theatre in real life this December, have outdone themselves with their most recent offering in The Secret Theatre. Building on its creative and innovative digital work to keep audiences inspired, the world premiere of the company’s first full-length, feature film has landed, working with Glasgow company Forest of Black in the production.

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