Kaori Simpson: Having an award is like a huge present from everyone for our hard work

The winners of the annual Scotland Asian Restaurant Awards were announced last month by broadcast presenter Samantha Simmonds at a glittering award ceremony at the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh in partnership with Just Eat. Harajuku Kitchen was a joint winner in the Japanese Restaurant category and therefore, The Fountain caught up with chef Kaori Simpson on what winning the award means as well as what the restaurant’s plans are along with surviving lockdown.

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Serena Sophia: It’s a very honest track so I feel like it has nothing to hide

Serena Sophia is a 27 year old singer-songwriter, dancer and actress from Glasgow in Scotland, and has lived and breathed music most of her life. She has a degree in Music from the University of Glasgow and a Masters in Musical Theatre from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She also plays piano and saxophone and worked as a singer/dancer/musician in Ibiza, New York, Dominican Republic, Miami, London performing on cruise ships and so forth. With new track Butterfly out Serena spoke with The Fountain about her music and plans for next year.

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Chris Linton: It’s wonderful to hear that new people are discovering it every day

The rising soulful indie act and ex-Royal Navy marine, Chris Linton, has recently released his second single Monster. Propelled by previous success with his song-writing in the gaming world, Chris Linton is an esteemed singer-songwriter with over 240 million streams across Spotify and YouTube. He spoke with The Fountain about the new music and plans for the year.

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The Gluts: It looks like that Mashilla attracted a load of new listeners

Released on 8 October on Fuzz Club Records, Ungrateful Heart is the fourth album from Milan-based group The Gluts. Although no less abrasive and confrontational in its utilising of ear-piercing feedback and hard-hitting riffs, the band say that the songs here primarily take cues from the likes of Fugazi, Gang of Four, the PiL-Pistols canon and the Campana brothers’ long adoration of Italian and American hardcore punk. The album arrives off the back of 2019’s Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip LP and tours and festival dates around the UK, Europe and South Africa. The band spoke with The Fountain about the new track Mashilla and their plans for the rest of 2021.

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Autogramm: We don’t have much planned other than finding a label to release a 7” of our newest recordings

Autogramm, the synth-driven, power-pop trio from Chicago and Vancouver have premiered a new video for their latest single, I Am A Situation, created by Berlin film maker and artist Dana Tucker (Peaches/Saskia Hahn). With this and the new album, No Rules via Nevado Records, on its way, The Fountain caught up with the band o discuss music and plans.

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Hugh Reed: Now having lived through Covid, everyone’s really up for it and just wants to play as much as they can

If you were of gig going age in the 1990s you might have been lucky enough to catch the cult Glasgow act Hugh Reed and the Velvet Underpants. I did and it was probably one of the my most enjoyable live music experiences of the decade, an anarchic rollercoaster replete with camp MC’s, quick change artistry, disco dancing and hilarious pop punk songs such as Car Nicked and Six to Wan.

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Duke Boara: I’ve never put anything out so far that has had this kind of instant reception

Multi-instrumentalist Duke Boara, aka James Toomey, who plays piano, guitar and drums, has described his music as ‘instrumental melodic electronic/house’. Currently in London, growing up in England’s West Country, studying and living in Newcastle, he also spent five years living and travelling in Asia, where world music and instruments such as the sitar sank into his musical consciousness, leading to a rich melding of cultures. With Wairau Bay out, The Fountain caught up with Duke/James to discuss the new music and further plans.

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CLAIR: So many people I have respect musically have said such kind things, varying from Clint Mansell to JD Twitch

Clair is that extraordinary thing: a musical artist that arrives not only fully formed, but with a completely mature sound. Her Earth Mothers may be a debut album, but its genesis takes in decades of life and musical experience, including right at the heart of Glasgow’s unique music scene. The Fountain caught up with Clair to discuss the amazing response this LP has had as well as her other side projects.

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Alex RV Phillips: I’m so happy to have finally put it out in the world

Alex Rv Phillips is a Singer/Songwriter/Producer born and raised in North London, UK. After years of touring around Europe, South West China and parts of America, playing iconic venues such as The Borderline, The Roundhouse and The Royal Albert Hall. Alex lived for many years off Busking and CD sales alone. With new EP, All I’ve Grown, out, The Fountain caught up with Alex about new music and plans for the year.

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