Review: Neu! Reekie!’s February Fling

Neu! Reekie! at the St Andrews Church in Leith was a versatile evening mixing poetry, film and music. Although Neu! Reekie! is an established evening, as a newbie to the Reekie! experience I really did not know what to expect and was bemused at arriving to catch the middle section of a popular animated film.

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Review: Rhythm ‘n’ Booze

Rhythm ‘n’ Booze offers a fun, unique and tour-guide clich√© free take on the traditional whisky tasting experience. Entering the dark atmospheric cave of the Assembly Roxy, you are greeted by intimately lit tables, which shared between groups of three or four, mean you need to get cosy pretty quickly with your neighbours. The host Felipe, assists this process by providing a witty introduction to the tasting and dispelling some of the myths of how people tend to describe whisky.

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Review: Picnic at Hanging Rock

Picnic at Hanging Rock boasts a powerful all-female cast, that delivers an engaging and exciting experience, despite occasionally veering sharply from melodrama to comedy and including a few additional plot points that at times left the audience confused. 

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