Review: Heather Woods Broderick

Given her classical training, her sensitivity and her instrumental versatility Heather Woods Broderick has long been a sought after collaborator and touring companion for the great and the good among stateside indie-folk and Americana acts. Bands she has worked in/ toured with over the last 15 years include Horse Feathers, Laura Gibson, Alela Diane, Efterklang and Damien Jurado, not to mention her longstanding association with Sharon Van Etten.

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Review: Richard Dawson

The singer raises a cup of tea to his lips: ‘Go the extra mile, with chamomile…that wasn’t very funny was it?!’ Richard Dawson is taking care of his voice – which is just as well, given the melodic acrobatics it will be called upon to deliver tonight, in a genuinely life-affirming 90 odd minutes of music and chat.

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Review: Bill Ryder-Jones

In general I’m not a huge fan of bands releasing a re-recorded version of one of their own records. At the upper end of the industry it reeks of commercial cash-ins and creative stagnation, and lower down it can feel like an act who split their own audience not quite sticking to their guns, as they fart out a stripped back acoustic version of a record that didn’t get the reception they’d hoped for. But these things are totally subjective of course, and if you end up on the wrong side of your hero’s creative instincts, then the idea of them returning to the oven with largely the same set of ingredients doesn’t seem so bad after all, does it? Everyone loves a crumby metaphor.

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