Review: Jupiter Rising 2021

I’m not sure how you folks would have handled it but I for one was an anxious chap, heading to a music festival. Jupiter Rising loomed at the end of my week, an expanse of uncharted territory. If you hadn’t already gathered this was my first time and I was full of questions, like who will be there? Will it be noisy in the campsite? Should I take shower gel in case there are showers? Do you think there will be a microwave? Will I be having a lovely time? Will I cry uncontrollably at all the gigs and alienate myself from my peers? I had even planned to set up my tent and shuffle out of the grounds for the last bus home at 00.30 on Friday evening, to return fresh and unscathed for the first act at midday on Saturday, my fellow attendee’s none the wiser to my covert migration of comfort. I think it’s fair to say that we are spiritually bedraggled; feeling our way around the textures of our comfort boundaries while the world unfurls itself and things we used to enjoy without a second’s thought become available to us again, irrespective of how we fared through our lockdowns.

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