Review: Lazy Day with Breakfast Muff & Hailey Beavis

I have seen the city breath. Augmentation always follows decreasing; whorls and vortices of change, a constant shifting of wood, stone, and steel. Scaffolds, cranes, and high vis become symbols of change in the urban sprawl. The nature of this augmentation is driven by the imaginations of those who dwell within it. In recent years Leith Walk has seen a surge of cultural rallying points. There are currently more establishments encouraging and promoting the arts here than ever before.

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Review: Stop Making Sense

Welcome to Summerhall’s courtyard in festival mode. There is an easy atmosphere around here today, it’s a warm, bright June afternoon. The stage is set, there’s a smoking sweetmeat shack, cinema screen, alfresco alehouse, and a pair of peripheral pavilions; perfectly poised for the proliferation of the perspicacious peoples. So it begins, bringing a benevolent breed of bipedal beasts to bask in the sound as it summons a steady stream of sanguine spectators.

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Review: Japanese New Music Festival

Nothing Ever Happens Here have been consistently bringing world class acts from near and far to perform in our vibrant little city for a while now. This concert was no exception. Japanese New Music Festival are a raucous revelry of the absurdity of noisement – charming, engaging, and relentless.

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Review: In The Ink Dark

‘Dreamt as a living poem, it is a wander along the water, a seat beside someone on a bench, a conversation, a landscape of words written with bodies, a space for you to reflect, remember, imagine, in honour of things loved and lost’ – Luke Pell (Maker and Creator – In The Ink Dark)

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Review: War In America

The art of dystopia is no longer the far-fetched fiction it once was; as we move through history our collective awareness, enhanced by our technological advancements, these works become all the more prescient. Jo Clifford’s War in America, penned twenty years before finally reaching the stage, has added poignancy in our current geo political climate.

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