Review: Joker

Joker is a sophisticated and complex movie, full of symbolism and connections that have multiple levels of meaning. The director (Todd Phillips) introduces a new representation of Joker’s character, which is completely different from any previous versions. Besides, the film is not dedicated to the representation of Batman and Joker’s fight, but rather to the depiction of the evolution of a lonely broken soul.

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Review: Midnight Cowboy

In New York in the 70s, the character of Joe Buck played by Jon Voight, a Texan cowboy in search of fortune as a prostitute, is the personification of the naïve cowboy, characterized by the desire to be fulfilled but by the lack of rationality and common sense that make it incapable of building a future.

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Review: Gods of Molenbeek

Right from the beginning of Gods of Molenbeek the audience is conscious regarding the danger of Molenbeek district described as a ‘Jihadi Hotbed.’ However, the main theme of the film is not terrorism but rather the search of God from the eyes of child, Aatos.

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