Review: Copilot

Copilot is a new film and another take on the 9/11 tragedy, one that adds drama and romance to it. Two students marry in a mosque in Hamburg in secret, despite objections from the woman’s mother, but he throws her whole world into disarray as he commits to an act that will shake the whole world.

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Bachir Salloum: These past months have really allowed me to dive deeper into my passion for music

Rising talent Bachir Salloum is rapidly establishing himself as a quality producer, releasing Beatport-topping cuts on labels like Balance Music, Sudbeat, Juicebox Music, Akbal and Do Not Sit (both hitting No1 in Beatport’s organic house & downtempo, progressive genres) and more. Inspired by his older brother who was a hip-hop and R&B DJ, Bachir started exploring electronic music aged 16 and was captivated by Beirut’s diverse music scene. With new EP on the horizon, The Fountain caught up with Bachir to discuss new music and his connection to Balance.

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Review: The Djinn

The Djinn is a 2021 American supernatural horror film directed and written by David Charbonier and Justin Powell, which certainly suspends disbelief in terms of what can be done on a small budget, if you are looking for an aesthetically intriguing horror film. However, there is much missing throughout this 80 minute assault to the senses, including expansion on character and plot.

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The Surfing Magazines: I want to record as much as possible, I love recording

London-based The Surfing Magazines are a rock supergroup made up of members of The Wave Pictures and Slow Club, and are releasing their second album Badgers of Wymeswold via Moshi Moshi Records on October 22nd. Dave, Charles and the lads from the band spoke with The Fountain about their new music, and their plan to record as much as possible for the remainder of the year.

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Faodail: I had this abstract idea of wanting to be a musician from a young age without really knowing what it involved

Emerging Scottish multi-instrumentalist Faodail brings his deftness in producing expansive, affective sounds to a new EP via Enhanced Chill. Already racking up over eight million streams on Spotify and earning high praise across the BBC and US radio giant Sirius XM, his new collection of works is set to bolster his rising status as one of the most interesting new artists in the ambient world. Faodail spoke with The Fountain about the new music as well as how he got into it in the first place.

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