Review: Swan Lake

It’s not every day that an audience gets to witness the process and development of artists, which is exactly what we were able to do in this gorgeous performance of this pinnacle ballet.

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Review: The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen marks the culmination in a string of events celebrating fifty years of the Scottish Ballet, and it did the job beautifully. The narrative is newly created in a collaboration between designer Lez Brotherston and director Christopher Hampson. Add to this the compelling score; tailored by Richard Honner, from over thirty works by Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov including The Snow Maiden – and what’s delivered is an inspired new creation that feels distinctly fresh.

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Review: Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Beauty and the Beast

A tale as old as time indeed: much has changed over the centuries since this folk tale first appeared in the early 1500s and it has been through several evolutions: from Perrault’s classic retelling in 1697, to Angela Carter’s feminist-angled iteration ?The Tiger’s Bride in 1979, and to the slightly-modernised Disney film in 2017.

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