Review: The Coolidge Effect

The Coolidge Effect, created by Glasgow theatre company Wonderfools, was written in 2017 and toured all over the UK in theatres and community spaces alike. Its title is taken from the scientific theory ‘the Coolidge effect’, a study which proves that, specifically in males, variety in sexual life is key to continued arousal. Dealing with the effects of pornography on sexual and mental well-being, The Coolidge Effect was initially devised from interviews with porn addicts and advocates, as well as mental health professionals. Writers Jack Nurse and Robbie Gordon fuse these different perspectives into four interweaving narratives, all showing a different perspective on the issue of porn addiction. While I didn’t manage to catch the production itself, last week Wonderfools released The Coolidge Effect as an audio play, which, despite not being its original medium, adapted excellently to the format and created something unflinchingly honest and impactful.

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Review: Scottish Youth Theatre’s 2020 Stories

Last month I tuned in to Scottish Youth Theatre’s digital broadcast, 2020 Stories: a showcase of work by 20 young writers aged between 15-25, performed by a group of professional actors. In total there were 20 pieces, all centred around the theme of Covid-19 and its impact. As a writer myself, I know just how hard it can be to write something meaningful about our current climate that feels hopeful and optimistic in its outlook; This, I believe, is exactly what 2020 Stories set out to do, and successfully delivered.

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Review: Factor 9

Two weeks ago I digitally watched Hamish MacDonald’s play Factor 9, directed by Ben Harrison and performed by a cast of two, Mathew Zajac and Stewart Porter. The play was originally performed in 2014, opening at Profilteatern’s Festival of Horror & Art in Umea, Sweden. Factor 9 then went on to tour in Denmark and Wales, before touring Scotland in April, 2014.

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