Review: Amuse Girl by Hannah Raymond-Cox

Hannah Raymond-Cox has previously won the Stanza Slam and is a former Scottish finalist of the National Poetry Slam Championships. Having spent her childhood in Hong Kong and San Francisco, she has been living in the UK since the age of sixteen and is a graduate of St Andrews University, holding a degree in International Relations and Modern History. Apart from receiving various awards, she has performed on the BBC Stage at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, as well as in diverse venues like the Royal Albert Hall and a Hong Kong dive bar. Her debut collection revolves mainly around the theme of food – and appropriately, it contains a smorgasbord of verses based strongly on this, complete with ‘tasting notes’ at the beginning of each.

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Review: Bill Drummond – Best Before Death

Avant-garde Scottish artist Bill Drummond, best known for his work with 1980s electronic outfit The KLF, brought his new documentary film Best Before Death to Stonehaven Town Hall recently. Directed by Paul Duane, it documents two years of the 12-year World Tour, which he intends to be his final project. Beginning in Kolkata, India, then moving on to Memphis, Tennessee, Drummond spends his time in these areas building beds, making soup and baking cakes, among other seemingly mundane tasks – to mixed reactions from those he meets on his travels. Apart from the film crew, Drummond is accompanied on this journey by Tracy Moberly, and towards the end we are shown his efforts to bring the story to the stage, with Tam Dean Burn playing Drummond and Moberly being portrayed by Charlie Sellers.

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