Review: Meursault / Neil Scott Pennycook – Meursault Pt. 1, Meursault Pt. 2 & More Barn!

Allowing yourself time to cannonball deep into the sublime and eclectic discography of Edinburgh-based songwriter Neil Pennycook (who released his first record under the name of Meursault in 2008) before coming up to the surface to notice how few others are circling the pool is potentially going to leave you feeling a bit disheartened. Is that an enticing prospect? Possibly not. Hopefully this review (or marginally coherent ramble) will convince you to take the plunge anyway. It has – perhaps inevitably, for reasons I will attempt to articulate in the paragraphs to follow – gradually become more of a fanatical declaration of the many merits of Meursault than a traditional marks out of ten affair.

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