Review: Vaults

A haunted pub, a series of mysterious deaths that may be linked, and one long night; Vaults is a one-act play by actor and playwright Jonathan Whiteside, performed in situ at locations where ghosts are said to walk. This year it was the vaults beneath Edinburgh’s Banshee Labyrinth, but in 2018 Vaults will be touring at the Withorn Crypts.

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Kaite Welsh: It was always going to be in Edinburgh

Kaite Welsh is the author of The Wages of Sin (2017, Tinder Press), a historical crime novel following the exploits of Sarah Gilchrist, a medical student with a murky past. When Sarah believes one of her patients, a prostitute, has been murdered, she knows she is the only one willing to discover the killer. She must navigate the highest echelons of Edinburgh society and the depths of its slums, facing mockery, violence and misogyny along the way, before she can solve the crime. 

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Review: Paul Beatty and Ethan Canin, EIBF 2017

Saturday’s talk was a conversation between Paul Beatty, author of Man Booker prizewinning satire The Sellout, and Ethan Canin, author of A Doubter’s Almanac, chaired by Daniel Gray. Both books feature unconventional, even problematic, scientists and father figures, and both are set in California. It was a bit jarring to me, as a Californian, to find myself listening to two of my countrymen discussing works set there at such a remove. 

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