Review: Seamus Fogarty, The Hug and Pint

I’ve been to Lost Map Records’ Howlin’ Fling festival on the Hebridean island of Eigg many times and there seems to be a distinct moment in the late afternoon of the second day, when the epic hangover from the first day is just beginning to lift but you’ve already started putting in some solid groundwork for what will now be a fully weapons-grade hangover when it inevitably arrives tomorrow. The moment tends to happen around five-o-clock on that second afternoon, and perhaps it’s down to the confluence of those two states of inebriation opening up some internal biochemical sweet spot and rendering you particularly emotionally vulnerable, but invariably the performer up on the stage is free to exploit that vulnerability at will and have you welling up with tears; forced to make lame excuses to your friends, “I – ahem – seem to have got a little something in my eye”.

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Fergus McCreadie: It’s very inclusive of all genres and all levels of career

This year’s Scottish Album of the Year award ceremony was held in the grand surroundings of Edinburgh’s Assembly Rooms, right in the heart of the capital; and before the ceremony itself got underway, which ultimately saw Auntie Flo take the prize home for his intercontinental club music opus Radio Highlife, The Fountain was lucky enough to meet up with fellow shortlister Fergus McCreadie, nominated for the Fergus McCreadie Trio’s reflective jazz release Turas, and grab a quiet chat over a fancy cocktail or two at the bar.

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Review: Kate Tempest, EIF 2019

At the end of this evening’s performance; amidst a remarkable standing ovation and calls for an encore, complete with those inevitable chants of “one more tune!”, Kate Tempest returns to the stage to take a moment to stand, silently smiling beneath a spotlight, and absorb the sustained applause. She finally takes up the mic and tells us with obvious sincerity that she’s grateful for the praise, but there won’t be an encore, in part because she hates that silly pantomime of saying goodnight and leaving the stage, only to come back on and start performing again; but mostly, she explains, because she has said everything she wants to say.

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