Review: 1984, Fringe 2018

It’s clear that the dystopian sci-fi classics of the past are fast becoming fact rather than fiction. In Aldous Huxley’s classic Brave New World, his characters digested the drug ‘Soma’, a fictional form of anti-depressant that kept everyone within the borderlines of society (enter Citalopram), whilst in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, he wrote about personal headsets which were used to distract a person’s mind (hello Bluetooth headsets). None of these predictions come truths have been as terrifying as the forecasts made in George Orwell’s 1984 – suppression of the media, obliteration of historical events and artefacts, thought control and the ever-watching Big Brother. So when Cheltenham’s own Close Up Theatre brought their rendition of Orwell’s dystopian world to the 2018 Fringe for the 14th year running, they must have by now realised their annual exhibition has become more and more realistic by the year.

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Review: Home Truths, Fringe 2017

It’s another night at Just The Tonic, this time with Kelsey De Almeida and Fiona Ridgewell who put on their double-bill headliner Home Truths (five quid or pay what you want) at The Small Kirk Room situated between the Cowgate and Grassmarket.

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Review: The Man On The Moor, Fringe 2017

Max Dickins (alumni of last year’s Fringe smash hit The Trunk) returns to Edinburgh this summer with his one man show The Man on the Moor – a driech fictional tale based broadly on fact that is a sombre yet ultimately uplifting portrayal of a son on the hunt for his dead father and those poor souls around the UK in a comparable situation. 

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