Review: Rufus Wainwright, Usher Hall

Due to a Google Maps glitch, which led to me and my friend pacing repeatedly up and down Lothian road like a pair of expectant fathers, we missed the first song. When we finally find the venue (turns out it was the big dome lit up like Blackpool) Rufus Wainwright is just about to launch into his second number.

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Hugh Reed: Now having lived through Covid, everyone’s really up for it and just wants to play as much as they can

If you were of gig going age in the 1990s you might have been lucky enough to catch the cult Glasgow act Hugh Reed and the Velvet Underpants. I did and it was probably one of the my most enjoyable live music experiences of the decade, an anarchic rollercoaster replete with camp MC’s, quick change artistry, disco dancing and hilarious pop punk songs such as Car Nicked and Six to Wan.

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Review: The Tape

That singer-songwriter Martha Tiltson stars, directs and writes The Tape is fact that might set alarm bells ringing for it’s potential audience. Musicians really don’t have the greatest track record on the silver screen with Tom Waits, Lady Gaga and Frank Sinatra being a few notable exceptions.

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Review: Teenage Fanclub & Poster Paints

The Glasgow leg of Teenage Fanclub’s Endless Arcade tour is my first exposure to live music in nearly two years, and my first trip to the Barrowlands in over a decade. As the iconic ballroom lights come into view I’m as excited as I was on my first holiday to Butlins as a tot.

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