Review: False Bliss – Ritual Terrains

Huge apologies to the band and to this blog for the amount of time I have had this promo CD, five weeks after release date. There is a reason. On first listen I really didn’t like this record and I’m an honest person, so I contacted my editor and said I don’t think I’m the right choice to review this. I’d listened to it and was having some very strong reactions to it.

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Review: Tim Hecker

I’ve been following Tim Hecker’s work since 2001 when we moved in not dissimilar circles, and it’s been great to see his oeuvre shape shift and develop over two decades alongside artists such as Christian Fennesz, Christopher Willits, Fransisco Lopez and Richard Chartier. I often get Hecker and Fennesz mixed up, as for me, their soft distorted grains are sharing sonic geography around similar darting soundscapes and occasionally seismic walls of sound. But Hecker is the rougher side of the sandpaper – he is the ‘one louder’ – and has pushed this aspect of his sound design element to the point of near-complete distortion, perhaps influenced by the Japanese noise scene. He is also, for me, in some ways, a descendent of the master of the mixing desk and bespoke patches – Merzbow. But as another reviewer has stated, he is a ‘High Priest of Drone’ in his own right.

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Review: Life Is A Dream

Life is a Dream is a new dance show by Olivier Award winning choreographer Kim Brandstrup from Rambert.
Based on Calderon’s 1635 tragicomedy, Life is a Dream is Rambert’s first full-length narrative work for several decades. It is presented as a piece of hybrid storytelling through dance, where evocative staging and orchestral excellence are equal bedfellows to the performers.

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