Review: Murder Ballads, Fringe 2019

Murder Ballads is the brainchild of Gerry Smith, an English lecturer who has chosen to bring to the stage Nick Cave’s album of the same name. Initially a challenging listen the LP is, in effect a collection of short stories, now lovingly woven together by Smith’s added dialogue and the other actors’ heartfelt performances.

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Review: Teenage Fanclub, EIF 2019

With my baggy jeans boogieing to the band in Paisley’s Clubhouse in the early 1990s I can claim to be, technically, a teenage fan of Teenage Fanclub, if only just. Everything Flows filled the air and everyone followed to the dancefloor. Following this, Bandwagonesque finished 1991 second in NME’s coveted annual albums list, sharing that year’s ‘podium’ with Nirvana as well as geographical stablemates and label-mates Primal Scream. From that moment on a dedicated following developed, as the Teenage Fanclub’s lineup evolved, hanging on each of their initially frequent releases.

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Review: Camille O’Sullivan Sings Cave, Fringe 2019

“We’ve laid the cables and the wires…” except that tonight, seemingly no one has. An embarrassing oversight means that Camille O’Sullivan’s familiar voice enters unamplified. Cue a girlish giggle, a bit of blarney that she clearly delights in and soon enough God is in the House, if not omnipotent, omitting the mixing desk on this occasion.

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Review: Edinburgh City Music Tours

By Jonathan Trew’s own admission, Edinburgh is often regarded as playing ‘second fiddle’ to its more musical big brother along the M8. Since 2015 his company’s Glasgow City Music Tours have proved so successful that an Edinburgh equivalent has now been developed and continues to evolve, impressing upon its visitors that there is still plenty of heritage here to celebrate.

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Review: They Might Be Giants

From the outset, if we can agree to refer to They Might Be Giants as ‘TMBG’ then it would be as tight, efficient, slick and punchy as the band’s stage show. Tonight they are warmly welcomed by a fanatical following who sadly only half-fill Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall. Therein we are treated to two sets; “an hour of the songs you love and later some more of the ones you hate…followed by a blues jam until everyone leaves”.

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