Review: Futureplay Virtual Reality Studio – Munduruku, Fringe 2017

Situated just outside the Assembly Rooms in a suitably futuristic white dome, the Futureplay Virtual Reality Studio features a carefully chosen selection of VR works ranging from documentary through to animation. Here I saw the excellent and engrossing First Impressions, which allows the viewer to see the world through the dewy eyes of a new born baby, and Utopia 6, a cerebral sci-fi that takes place two-hundred years from now. However, I am focusing my attentions here solely on one VR piece, the challenging and thought-provoking VR documentary Munduruku.

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Review: Prevenge

Released in 2012, Sightseers was a refreshingly gruesome and irreverent take on the well-trodden film formula of fugitive lovers on the run from the authorities. Five years on, Alice Lowe returns to such familiarly macabre territory when playing the lead role in her directorial debut, Prevenge.

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