Review: The Brand-New, Full-Throated Adventures of Reginald D Hunter, Fringe 2019

First-off, Reginald D. Hunter already automatically fulfils one promise from his very flashy poster: He speaks in a wonderfully deep, full-throated voice, a joy to listen to. Apart from this lucky, natural state, the “adventure” could have been a bit more adventurous. With all appreciation for his genuine sharing of personal experience packed into cynical anecdotes, paired with a gratitude that some of his jokes bare some vital truth (such as a mere impossibility “for a [n-word] to be shot in a country where the police don’t carry firearms.”) and still, I cannot ignore a certain lack of fire – assimilation to British culture gone wrong?

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Review: Ejaculation, Fringe 2019

In a nutshell, Ejaculation is what it promises: A discussion about female sexuality. In this mellow, nevertheless powerful performance, Essi Rossi from “From Start to Finnish” decides to take centre stage, even though her real comfort zone is the director’s chair. She paints a pastel picture of female sexual experience, across cultures, ages, personalities and continents. All the while, Sarah Kivi’s soothing electronic tunes serve as a slightly melancholy, but fitting backdrop.

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