Frightfest 2021

Glasgow Film Festival’s Frightfest 2021 is a strange one. Instead of all being crammed together in a cinema, I’m logging into a website and watching them by myself at home. For sure that dampens the experience of a lot of them. An audience whooping and shrieking would have absolutely made some of these films be an absolute riot. In the cold light of day though some were poor and some I enjoyed a lot. I may have judged some too harshly but not this first one:

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Review: Erasure – The Neon

There’s something kinda wonderful about Erasure. Bar a few misteps they pretty much always sound like Erasure. I’ve personally not listened to many of their albums since the mid 90s – aside from their slightly disastrous record where they let one hit wonder Frankmusik produce.

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Review: Blanck Mass – Animated Violence Mild

Having been a little lukewarm to Blanck Mass’ other records I was interested to see what he would do next. Would it be more of the same, more extreme, maybe even trying something a bit different. Blanck Mass is the solo project of Benjamin John Power who is a founding member (alongside Andrew Hung) of one of my favourite bands, F**k Buttons. While Hung’s solo album surprised with verse and chorus structures and a loving nod to Talking Heads, Power’s Blanck Mass is pure sonic terrorism. It’s clear it’s him in F**k Buttons who loves to smash you over the head with sound!

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Review: DJ Jenifa – Jag Trax

For those in the know, this album came out on 13th March and I’ve only just managed to finish listening to it although I’ve had it earlier than that. If that isn’t a red flag for you, let me make it clearer – this album is an abomination.

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