The Fountain is a cultural review with a Scottish voice. Offering informed, engaging reviews of all things cultural, our ethos lies in inclusivity, filtering out the filters. Providing opportunities for writers to energetically engage with cultural content, and write about it, our vision is to provide a platform for reviewers and writers to creatively assess artistic endeavours.


Comments Policy

At The Fountain, we value our readers’ contributions, while recognising that strong moderation is key to preserving a constructive, respectful and convivial atmosphere among the community. To that end, we require all readers to log in with a social networking account before they can comment, and will remove any content that we feel is in violation of our commitment to safe, respectful and open conversation.

Expressly prohibited are racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, abuse, bullying and all other forms of prejudicial speech which would harm our community and our mission to expand access to culture among all communities in Scotland and the wider world.

Comment moderators will have the final authority in whether a particular piece of content breaks these guidelines. If you believe we have overlooked something which should be removed, please email admin [at] thefountain [dot] eu.

Reviews Policy

The Fountain editors believe that reviews are a key way to provide understanding and open up culture to a diverse readership. Our reviews will attempt to cast a wide net, sourcing writers who are enthusiastic, committed and involved in the subjects they are covering.

Review articles are the impressions of the particular writer who produced them. The editors stand behind their content; we believe the writer has the ability to investigate and respond to the piece under consideration without fear or favour. However, such articles are inherently subjective, and the conclusions of any particular writer should not be taken as either endorsement or condemnation from the publication as a whole. Individual members of the team have their own, often conflicting, views on culture, and no one person can represent the site.

Our reviews will be scored on a percentage scale, with 100 representing absolute perfection in the particular field under scrutiny, and zero points denoting a work with no redeeming qualities of any kind. Again, the score attached to a review should be seen as complementary to the review text itself, and an imperfect distillation of the writer’s views into an overall impression. Review scores are not directly comparable against one another, and should not be used to rank one piece of media against another—they are included as a way to gauge the author’s feeling about a work, and nothing else.

Submissions Policy

The Fountain is open to submissions from all people, regardless of whether they’ve previously had work published or not. Our primary focus is on reviews, interviews and features on cultural events and media from a Scottish perspective, however we will consider any thought-provoking work carefully. We do not currently publish opinion pieces—that is, articles which exist not to critique a particular piece of media but to present the author’s opinion on wider trends or cultural phenomena—or news articles.

To discuss a forthcoming article or present a piece for submission, please email keira [at] thefountain [dot] eu.

The Fountain is currently a non-commercial site, and can’t offer to pay for submissions. What we can do is give you access to products that we get in for review, and ensure that you have the most control over your content. Write for us, and you’re granting us a non-exclusive licence in perpetuity to publish the piece in question. Nothing more, you still own everything you write.

We’d love to pay our writers, and we support all efforts to ensure fair pay for work. If and when we’re in a position to do so, we’ll do so. If you have more questions, please contact us to talk about our policies and where we stand.

Privacy Policy

The Fountain will share no details of readers’ personal information or habits with any other organisation, except where required to by UK law. Where potentially identifiable interactions are required, such as social network logins to comment, we will store only such information as is required to ensure the continued safety and smooth operation of the site.